The ThermoLine thermo-oil conveyor oven is an energy efficient solution for baking large series of products ranging from bread to rolls, French loaves or sweet muffins. Due to the delicate radiant heat, the bread products remain supple longer with a demonstrably lower energy cost.


Operation of the ThermoLine thermo-oil conveyor oven is very simple and fully automated, thanks to the MultiControl control system, you have a perfect overview of what is happening in the bakery 24/7.

The concept of the whole oven is designed as a modular construction consisting of individual blocks. The oven is manufactured according to your wishes, the capacity requirements and the portfolio of manufactured products.

An indispensable part of the classic ThermoLine conveyor oven is a thermo-oil boiler that must be installed outside the bakery premises in a boiler room. The advantage of this solution is the ability to connect deck or rack ovens into the system.

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  • Baking with radiant heat
  • Ideal temperature distribution and its precise regulation
  • Lower energy consumption compared to a cyclothermic conveyor oven
  • Fully automatic design with MultiControl control system
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