150 000 fresh rolls day and night

Location: Czech Republic Date: 2009 SIze: industrial bakery

The modernization of a bakery in Pelhřimov has brought many advantages. Not only have they managed to improve the quality of their bakery products, expand their product range, and decrease production costs, but what’s more they are now capable of baking 150 000 fresh rolls daily.


In the Czech Republic, the old rule is still proves true-rolls sell really well on the market. Therefore the bakery in Pelhřimov named Adélka decided to modernize their production facilities for white bakery products and trade out their TMS twenty year  old cyclo-thermal conveyor oven for a new one. However for the bakery it was very important  that the modernization of the technology also resulted in a higher quality white bakery product.

The preparation of the complete modernization  of the production facility began in Kornfeil in 2009, when the development center was intensively working on expanding the product range of therm-oil ovens for the purpose of  increasing the effectivity of the production of white bakery products. This was accomplished by the ThermoRoll with it’s unique construction and design which is custom made for each customer. In the energy portion of the modernization project, the EkoBlok was incorporated for the utilization of waste energy, thanks to which it’s possible to meaningfully reduce the energy demands of the whole line and at the same time gain energy for the warming of water, for continuous proofers and for the pre-heating of steam boilers.

What we did

A two-deck ThermoRoll tunnel oven with a baking surface of 62 m² was installed in the Adelka bakery in Pelhřimov. The whole line is about 10m shorter than it was before, thanks to which the shipping department of the bakery could be expanded. Additionally they are now also able to make frenchrolls and form bread on one deck, without the second deck having to be in operation.

The possibility of shutting down the second deck can potentially save a great amount of energy. The bakery now bakes 150 000 fresh rolls and other bakery products on their new bakery lines, and during the season they have decreased their energy consumption by 25%.

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  • Baking with radiant heat
  • Ideal temperature distribution and its precise regulation
  • Lower energy consumption compared to a cyclothermic conveyor oven
  • Fully automatic design with MultiControl control system
„During the season they have decreased their energy consumption by 25%.“

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