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Even though we have become one of the world’s largest bakery oven manufacturers, we think we have remained down-to-earth. We are not a multinational corporation, we all know each other and we want our colleagues to grow with us. Even if it sometimes hurts.

Every minute our ovens bake ∞ pieces of bread around the world. Be a part of it.

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Why work for us?


Motivational rewards

How much you make with us always depends on you. We advocate a fixed salary with regular motivational rewards.


I Váš produkt pozná svět

Our Czech ovens are used for baking all over the world, in Australia and Sakhalin.


Everything at our firm is done with integrity

We are a family business, with all the positives and negatives that entails. We do everything with love and passion, which can sometimes really be felt.

Honestly and traditionally

Our philosophy



Our company is built on family values

Our people work in a family atmosphere, I’m interested in their & nbsp; holiday or family.


Ideas and more ideas

Every idea is appreciated, the implementation of a new idea or the solution  of an unsolvable situation is appropriately rewarded.


Skillful people are the foundation of everything

We choose high-quality employees, nice people with a positive attitude to work and to life.



Behave towards others as you would like them to behave towards you. Success     and performance must never be more important than   polite behavior.


Frequently asked questions

Can I work from home in a Home Office?
Bohužel ne. Rádi spolu trávíme čas ve výrobě, na obchodní oddělení i na obědě, chceme Vás prostě ve firmě. Je to dobré pro Vás i pro nás.
Will I travel frequently?
Záleží na pracovní pozici. V případě exportního manažera nebo montéra velmi často, zájímá-li Vás pozice přímo ve výrobě, nemusíte cestovat vůbec, ale můžete, když se Vám jednou za čas bude chtít.
Do you contribute to transport to work?
Protože víme, že Čejč je tak trochu uprostřed ničeho, tak na dopravu příspíváme. A to v případě je - li Váš domov vzdálen více než 25km od naší fabriky.
Oven assembling
Sheet bending
Circuit integration


Zaujali jsme Vás?
Podívejte se na volné pozice.

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