Family company

Who are the Kornfeils

The Kornfeil family has been involved in the bakery business since the beginning of the nineties. Karel Kornfeil and his brother, Vojtěch, stood at the birth of a company supplying bakery technology to countries all over the world. Over the course of time, the whole family became excited about the bakery industry. Together, from a small South Moravian company with thirty employees, they built an extensive firm where more than 140 employees are involved in the production and development of ovens.

It is not important whether a baker wants to bake twenty or thousands pieces of bread a day. Whether a customer wishes to have classic Czech bread loaves, French baguette or Italian focaccia. The Kornfeil team will always find solutions for small, medium and large industrial bakeries.

The Kornfeils consistently ensure that care is taken to maintain the craftsmanship of all baking ovens. At the same time, they are also constantly developing new technology, which reduces production costs.

Kornfeil bakery equipment was thus one of the first in the world to recycle waste heat from ovens. It uses it for the heating of proofers and other equipment.

Today, Kornfeil ovens are not just used throughout the Czech Republic, but also, for example, in Manhattan.

Kvalitní výroba

History and present

Kornfeil in numbers

Over the more than 25 years of working in the bakery industry, Kornfeil has grown from 30 employees to 140. Bakery products from South Moravian ovens are enjoyed daily by customers in more than 30 countries.





In the village of Čejč in South Moravia, Karel Kornfeil founded a family company producing baking ovens.



The family business employs its own workers, technicians and developers.


Countries of operation

Kornfeil ovens bake loaves of bread all over the world.

Honestly and traditionally

Our philosophy



For us, it is really important what comes out of our ovens

We maintain the craftsman's approach to baking


We produce everything in South Moravia

Every part, from the smallest to the largest, was created in Čejč


We choose high-quality employees

We believe in the adage that Czechs have golden hands


We invest in innovation

We improve production processes and develop new technologies