ThermoMax Compact

Thermooil rack oven model series with an integrated boiler is designed for bakers with limited space in the bakery and wide range od products.

ThermoMax Compact thermooil trolley oven work on principle of radiant heat, the same as deck ovens, which improves the qualiity and keep moisture in bakery products such as rolls, buns and baguettes. Maximal temperature stability ensures required volume and perfectly baked crumb.

Due to their character of baking and tray manipulation these ovens can essentially be regarded as both deck and trolley ovens. They provide bakers with a high level of comfort during baking, uniformity, convenient operation while consistently maintaining high quality products.

  • Two Trolley oven – 9 to 14 m² baking area universal for all bakers
  • Three Trolley oven – 16 to 21 m² for large batches of products

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  • Baking by using radiant heat - trolley method handling
  • The ideal temperature distribution and its precise curve for any assorment of products
  • Microcirculation of air for the crust and colouring od products
  • High baking performance on a small baking surface
  • Maximal temperature stability
  • Baking trolley after trolley without breaks
  • Baking with radiant heat
  • Top - quality white bread
  • Powerful stream generator
  • High baking output on small baking surface
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