Location: Canberra, Australia Date: 2018 SIze: Medium size bakery

Thirty years ago, the founders of SONOMA Bakery had no idea how to bake bread. After years of hard work and commitment, they have built one of Australia’s most respected bakeries, thanks to our technology.


What we did

The ThermoStar 35/8 thermal-oil deck oven was installed for baking a wide assortment of bread. Due to the large heat accumulation in the heated oil, the oven is thermally stable and reacts quickly to temperature increases, which rye and rye-wheat breads will appreciate. In addition, due to the variability of thermal-oil deck ovens, it is possible to bake different types of bread and white bread in each deck.

In the SONOMA Bakery, the Asistent Com is responsible for oven operation. It represents a higher model line of loading devices with service of up to 9 decks. As opposed to a baker, the Asistent can serve several decks at the same time, while also facilitating the loading of dough and removing of bread from the oven.

The whole process is controlled by MultiControl software, which fully assumes responsibility for production and ensures consistent product quality. The MultiControl solution has ensured the efficient production of both large batches of one type of bread as well as a wide range of traditional craft breads, white bread and kaiser rolls for SONOMA bakery.

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  • Robust design
  • Quality production components
  • Baking area of up to 65 m²
  • Deck height 200 mm or 230 mm
  • Deck width 1800 mm or 2000 mm
  • Deck depth 2000 mm or 2400 mm
  • Wide selection of sizes 1,2, 3 or 4 circuit design
  • Perfect baking uniformity
  • Fast temperature rise and temperature stability
  • Economical baking with gentle radiant heat
  • Strong steam units
  • Universal deck oven for all bakery products

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