The north star of bakeries is a big hit in Turkey as well

Location: Istanbul, Turkey Date: 2013 SIze: industrial bakery

The ThermoStar thermal-oil is the North star of bakery ovens not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. So, it’s not for nothing that it has „ star“ in it’s name. It’s popularity also extends to Turkey for example, where it has successfully planted rous.

The North star of our product portfolio-the ThermoStar thermal-oil oven and other new models in the multi-deck design have been recently introduced to the bakery public .The placing of decks one-on top-the other in the oven enables the better using of space in the bakery and also of course more effective production of bakery products. One of the large bakeries which requires highly effective production in the smallest amount of space is the company EKMEK 2000 in Istanbul.

The new bakery EKMEK is one of the largest local bakeries. They produce around 140,000 pieces of 300g wheat bread daily. In order to make the production process as efficient as possible we recommended that they make the line half-automatic by proofing the products in trolleys and manually transplanting the plates with leavened  dough onto the feeding table. After being set the line runs almost completely automatically.


What we did

The bakery is currently working on the basis of a six to eight deck thermal-oil oven ThermoStar which is assisted by three of the most powerful models of the loading device Asistent Line. The progrmamed operation of the baking proces sis facilitated by the automatic control system MultiControl, which will be paid attention to in detail in the second issue of the magazine KORNFEIL IDEA. Thanks to the installation of automatic bread lines, the bakery reached an hourly capacity of 13,000 pieces. An unforgettable part of this complicated technological unit is the EkoBlok, which utilizes waste energy from bakery ovens, and by doing so dramatically decreases energy consumption.

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  • Robust design
  • Quality production components
  • Baking area of up to 65 m²
  • Deck height 200 mm or 230 mm
  • Deck width 1800 mm or 2000 mm
  • Deck depth 2000 mm or 2400 mm
  • Wide selection of sizes 1,2, 3 or 4 circuit design
  • Perfect baking uniformity
  • Fast temperature rise and temperature stability
  • Economical baking with gentle radiant heat
  • Strong steam units
  • Universal deck oven for all bakery products
„Our bakery has 300 m² and from this the baking surface makes up 210 m², it’s possible to so effectively use the bakery space."

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