Merhaut’s Bakery

Location: Czech republic Date: 2017 SIze: Medium size bakery

Merhaut’s Bakery currently owns twelve stores. This very popular bakery in the Central Bohemian region bakes hundreds of loaves of bread a day, but its light pastries and sweet cakes are customer favorites as well.

What we did

Each day a few series of a type of bread are baked in Merhaut's Bakery, which is easily handled by the semi-automatic bread line made up of two six-deck Variant cyclo-thermal ovens, including the Asistent Com loading device and a feed table.

The brain of the whole bakery - the MultiControl system, takes over responsibility for the entire baking process and is touch panel operated.
The box proofer from our production does a great job ensuring that the dough rises properly. After rising, the dough loaves are placed on the feed table and then moved via the MultiControl system to the Asistent Com loading device, which loads the dough into the appropriate deck.

For the production of pastries, Merhaut’s Bakery has opted for the ThermoMax thermal oil rack oven, which bakes supple cakes thanks to the uniformity of baking and radiant heat, which are extremely popular with customers.

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Asistent Com

  • Higher model line
  • Operate multiple ovens at once
  • Ideal for high baking performance
  • Motorized travel x static placement in single oven installation
  • Option of installing a 7.5 or 13.5 kW vacuum cleaner
  • Control: Basic, Comfort, MultiControl
Their journey began in rented premises in Benátky nad Jizerou. Today they have a network of shops.

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