Magical bakery in Velké Pavlovice

Location: Czech Republic Date: 2014 SIze: small bakery

The artisan bakery Pešák, now under control by Petr Křivka, in Velke Pavlovice is one of the most popular bakeries in the whole region. They specialize in the production of traditional artisan bread with good porosity and a crunchy crust. To be sure, in the past such high quality could only be reached using classic steam ovens, which could only be worked with by strong bakers managing enormously physically demanding work with a baker’s peel.


The secret of the bakery, however, most surely doesn’t reside in the physical proficiency of his employees, or in classic steam ovens, but in a continuous emphasis on freshness and quality, and most of all, in using modern technology.


What we did

At the heart of the whole bakery is ThermoStar Classic thermo-oil oven, which has become the equivalent of replacing the aforementioned steam oven, together with the Asistent Super loading device, allows the baker's team to bake more than a ton of bread a day. Even for the core supporters of steam ovens on the side of customers and bakers, it was a great surprise, that the quality of bread from thermo-oil oven is perfect. Thermostar Classic whose temperature, unlike steam, can be set to +/- 1 ° C. You know exactly what's happening in the oven. No attempts and estimates, only golden color and crunchy crust.

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ThermoStar Classic

  • Thermo-oil compact oven
  • Excellent temperature flexibility and stability
  • Baking uniformity
  • High quality baking with delicate radiant heat
  • Thoroughly baked crust
  • Effective baking with low energy consumption
  • Fast installation

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