An effective bakery? A forest and a thermal oil

Location: Czech Republic Date: 2012 SIze: industrial bakery

A radical revamping of the whole bakery can sometimes payoff more than a gradual modernization. The experience of baker Martina Křižáka  is proof that it’s possible to „ kill two birds with one stone“ – that is to decrease costs for baking and bakery operation and at the same time jump ahead of the competition by expanding production capacity as well as your  own sortiment of bakery products.


„In 2008 I bought around 30 hectares of forest. „I always enjoyed hunting and the forest, but it never occured to me that the forest could help improve my business“ says Martin Křižák, owner of a bakery in Kloboukách at Brno.

Mr. Křižák got into the bakery business in 1992. He baked on cyclothermic deck ovens, and to date he didn’t have any reason to change them. Not at least until the purchase of the forest inspired him. He started to think about how he could utilize the wood and waste from it for baking purposes. At the same time, however, he was dealing with the problem of disposing of everyday waste from the bakery-unsold bread and waste which arose during production.

“An interesting alternative for me was the thermal oil boiler for burning biomass which enables burning wood, pellets, woodchips, but most importantly difficult to utilize bakery waste. After careful consideration, and weighing of all pros and cons, I opted for the Bio-therm thermal boiler which is partly multi-purposeful, and partly protective of the environment.”


What we did

Building a new bakery or modernizing a bakery usually presents problems with space for placing ovens and all their equipment. Multi-deck ovens for bread baking are an effective solution.

"In our case it’s the 9 level design thermal oil deck oven Thermo-star with a baking surface of 39 m², thanks to which I saved a significant amount of bakery space, and at the same time I gained three independent ovens in one block". The multi-deck design enabled me to bake up to three types of bread or bakery products at once, and also to improve their quality.“ However, what really improved the quality of production, was the installation of the thermal oil three trolley oven, ThermoMax, in which we produce rolls and grain bread . Thanks to the addition of baking with three trolleys, effectivity of production has increased, and at the same time we are able to take advantage of the possibility of refrigerating and blast freezing bread. Nowadays we bake up to 900 rolls in one run“ states Martin Křižák".

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  • Robust design
  • Quality production components
  • Baking area of up to 65 m²
  • Deck height 200 mm or 230 mm
  • Deck width 1800 mm or 2000 mm
  • Deck depth 2000 mm or 2400 mm
  • Wide selection of sizes 1,2, 3 or 4 circuit design
  • Perfect baking uniformity
  • Fast temperature rise and temperature stability
  • Economical baking with gentle radiant heat
  • Strong steam units
  • Universal deck oven for all bakery products
„I always enjoyed hunting and the forest, but it never occured to me that the forest could help improve my business“

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