Continuous proofers

Continuous proofers are designed specifically for Kornfeil deck and continuous ovens.

In the fully-automatic proofers, the dough proofing process is program controlled through MultiControl software. Each continuous proofer design is individually created, based on the requirements of the customer.

Proofers for bread production

Suspension with baskets

  • Suitable for rye and rye-wheat bread
  • Pedig baskets of different sizes and shapes
  • Gentle tipping with the minimum height while maintaining
    the proper form
  • Production assortment of breads
  • Working width 1800 – 3000 mm

Continuous with troughs with a textile insert

  • Intended for the mechanized production of wheat products
  • Performance from 800 to 5000 pcs. of products per hour
  • Working width 1800 – 3000 mm

Dough proofing on baking trays

  • Ideal for making pastries, baguettes and specialty products
  • Automatic placement on the trays and removal from the trays
  • Optional time of dough proofing from 40 to 120 minutes
  • Designed for trolley and tunnel baking ovens

Plate proofers

  • Developed for loosely proofed wheat products like ciabatta,
    pizza etc.
  • Fully automatic operation with high product variability
  • Loose proofing on plates with the automatic placement
    and removal of the proofed products
  • Fixed or variable dough proofing time (40–120 min) at a lower
    temperature, e.g. 25–26 °C

Technical design of continuous proofers

  • Load-bearing frames of proofers in a galvanized or stainless
    steel* design
  • Suspension baskets or products in a stainless steel design
  • Cladding made of stainless steel PUR panel
  • Delicate and precise air conditioning in the whole area
    of the proofer
  • Numbering program for the suspensions for easily changing
    the time of proofing
  • Drying baskets for the thorough destruction of bacteria*
  • Automatic cleaning of baskets for the highest standard
    of hygiene*
  • Automatic scoring, moistening, seeding*

*on request





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  • Everything is controlled by the MultiControl common control system from dough proofing to baking, up to the handling of the finished products
  • The highest level of industrial automation in your bakery
  • Low energy costs for operation
  • Utilization of waste energy from the bakery ovens
  • Industrial air-condition including cooling
  • Additional cooling by the compressor
  • Ultrasonic humidification or from the central steam distribution
  • Visualization and archiving of the dough proofing process
  • Manufacturing components of the highest quality
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