The Fornata electric deck oven offers an alternative to gas ovens in areas with limited natural gas availability or cheap electricity. They are delivered to bakeries separately or as part of an automatic bread line.


Fornata electric deck ovens with a baking area of 8 to 30 m2 are used to ensure fresh bread throughout the day, especially in smaller bakeries, pastry shops and retail outlets. However, thanks to the newly expanded bakery area, they can also be installed in industrial plants. The independent baking in each deck allows you to bake a wide baking range at different times.

Technical design of the Fornata

Independent baking in each deck with precise temperature maintenance ensures stable product quality. The individual “umbrella” steamer of each deck ensures even steaming for a perfectly shiny crust.



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  • Independent baking of differently types of products in individual decks
  • Low consumption of electricity
  • Auxiliary steaming unit
  • Optional number of decks
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