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Get rid of your dependence on fossil fuels.

If you are looking for alternative ways to heat your baking ovens, the BioTherm thermal oil boiler offers you a smart, eco-friendly and, above all, cheaper solution.

Reduce your heating costs up to 70%

Get rid of your dependence on fossil fuels.

This thermal oil boiler uses natural waste material as its energy source. It can become an interesting alternative for customers who have access to residual wood material. You can use wood chips and pellets as fuel for this boiler, which are significantly cheaper than fossil fuel and incomparably more environmentally friendly. The BioTherm boiler can use natural materials to heat the thermooil to a temperature of 300°C and distribute it to your ovens via a storage tank.

Our aim is to make our customers’ work as easy as possible.

An indisputable advantage of the BioTherm boiler is the self-cleaning function, which allows you to forget about disposing of any residual waste. Our BioTherm boiler automatically cleans itself, saving you time and costs.

We always strive to create the most pleasant user environment for you.

The BioTherm boiler is no exception to this. It is equipped with a clear touchscreen display, which allows you to easily control the settings of the operating parameters or regulate the fuel supply or oil temperature.

How much can you actually save?

Thanks to the current geopolitical situation, gas prices are changing every day. So it’s time to think about diversifying the risk associated with this price volatile fuel. An example is the installation of BioTherm in a large industrial bakery, where the average cost of gas consumed per year rose to €184 870. After switching to BioTherm, the cost of heating the ovens with pellets fell to €76 650 per year. This brought the savings for the bakery to almost EUR 108 220 per year.

Contact us and we will create an optimal and promising solution for your bakery.

If you are not sure about the return on your investment in this technology, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to work with you to design an optimal solution tailored to your bakery and, most importantly, to provide you with a free energy calculation. You can find out exactly how much you will save and whether switching to the BioTherm system will pay off in the future.