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EkoBlok ByPass

Bake effectively and ecologically!

EkoBlok is an eco-friendly device for  complete utilization and processing of  waste energy, waste gases, and steam  from gas and oil bakery ovens, as well as steam and thermal oil boilers.

Waste energy is obtained in the form of hot  water (about 80°C). It reduces waste gases pollutants along with CO2 emissions produced by individual ovens, thus  protecting the environment.

EkoBlok in combination with KORNFEIL automatic bypass constitutes an ideal system for any bakery. The  KORNFEIL bypass system ensures a completely safe  bakery operation even in case of surplus energy by  conducting oven waste gases and steam away from Ekoblok exchangers.

Waste energy for heating

  • Heating of service and process water
  • Heating of bakery premises
  • Preheating for steam production
  • Heating of proofers and stop-proofers
  • Washer operation

Energy for cooling purposes

Waste energy in the form of hot water is  transformed via the absorption assembly into a cooling medium used for:

  • Cooling of the shipping department,
  • Air-conditioning of the working area,
  • Cooling of bakery products.


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