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Deck ovens


Fresh bakery products throughout the day!

K-Market electric deck ovens are primarily used by stores and supermarkets to finish pre-baked products. The quality of bread finished...

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A helper for smaller bakeries!

 FORNATA electric deck ovens, featuring a baking surface between 4 and 22 m2, find their use mainly in small...

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ThermoStar Classic

Classic baking in a modern way!

The Compact ThermoStar thermal oil deck  ovens are designed for baking high homemade quality and porous bread. The ThermoStar Classic...

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High quality artisan bread!

VARIANT cyclothermic deck ovens constitute an essential factor in baking high quality bread with extended durability.Radiant...

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The North-star of the baking industry

ThermoStar thermal oil deck ovens, featuring a baking surface of 12 to 52 m2, are favoured for their ideal uniformity of baking, good...

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