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We’ve been helping bakers for 20 years

Kornfeil ranks among the Europe’s leading manufacturers of bakery ovens and complementary technological appliances. Our twenty-year tradition of development and installation of bakery ovens and, in particular, hundreds of satisfied customers across Europe testify to the quality and reliability of Kornfeil bakeries. 

The company’s primary objective has been to make the everyday work of bakers easier and to cut down the energy intensity by implementing programme controlled operation of the entire production process while preserving the handicraft approach to bakery production. The development team is consequently dedicated to innovations in the area of bakery ovens and  loading devices, implementing waste energy processing technologies.

KORNFEIL in numbers

  • Established in 1991 in the Czech Republic

  • Operating in over 30 countries worldwide

  • Currently employing 140 workers
  • In 2006 was awarded the International Standards Organization certifi cate, ISO 9001

The development of bakery ovens and equipment 

KORNFEIL is a family owned and run corporation whose members and all 140  employees are dedicated to not only manufacturing and modernizing bakery ovens and all essential accessories for all types of bakery operations, but also developing new technologies in this area.

Company values and priorities

  • Continual emphasis on product quality
  • Innovation and development of technologies in the baking industry
  • Low energy intensity of our products
  • Low operating costs for our customers
  • Utilizing waste energy
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