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Family company

Our story

Whether its classic Czech bread loaves, French baguette or Italian ciabatta - the family-owned company Kornfeil produces suitable ovens for any type of bread product. Thanks to more than twenty years of experience in the development of baking ovens, we are one of the most important companies in the bakery industry.

Kornfeil ovens are baking all over the world today. Their quality has been overseen since the very beginning by Karel Kornfeil and his brother Vojtěch, who have gradually drawn their entire family into the bakery business. In addition to the Kornfeils, more than 140 employees now work on oven production and baking technology development.

The common goal of the whole team is to offer ovens and equipment to bakers that can not only bake delicious bakery products and are reliable, but also simplify their demanding, everyday work...

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Kornfeil philosophy

Proper selection of the oven make bakers work easier for decades

Ing. Karel Kornfeil

executive and founder of the company

It is not important whether a baker wants to bake twenty or two thousand pieces of bread a day, the ovens are set so that the quality of the loaf remains the same. We place emphasis on maintaining craftsmanship in the production of bakery products. At the same time, we reduce the energy demands of bakers...

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What we do

We have 8 different ovens from Kornfeil and bake in them for 6 years. Quality and efficiency is unrivaled.



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